The Best Snorkeling Spots in Curacao and Practical Tips

snorkeling in curacao

You don’t have to learn how to scuba dive to enjoy the incredible underwater life surrounding Curacao. There is a lot to discover just a few feet below sea level. You can snorkel at just about any beach in Curacao.

The information below is a result of countless snorkeling sessions at a lot of different spots around Curacao.

Tips where to snorkel

– The less busy the beach, the less damage humans did to the coral
– Stay between the coast and the ‘drop-off’ (dark blue line)
– Swimming 100 yards further may find you an incredible spot
– Stay close to the rocks
– There is hardly ever strong current, but always be careful!

Great and fun snorkeling spots

– Tugboat on the Caracasbaai Peninsula
– Klein Curacao (go to the far right of the island)
– Cas Abou (on the left and right side close to the rocks)
– Playa Piskado in Westpunt (cleaning of the fish attracts turtles)
– Portomarie (they do a lot to preserve underwater life)
– Discover! Go off the beaten path and find your own personal favorite

Tips to get you more relaxed

– Buy good goggles at one of the many scuba dive stores, you will see a lot more under water
– Get the gear on the first day of your vacation, you won’t regret it
– Wear fins so you feel (and are) more in control
– Take your time, make slow and relaxed movements (and keeps you from scaring the fish away)
– Don’t touch anything. You will not only damage coral or scare fish, you might hurt yourself

List of sea life in the video

(in order of appearance)
– Green Turtle
– Smooth Trunkfish
– Smallmouth Grunt
– Peacock Flounder
– Spotted Scorpionfish
– Goldentail Moray
– Whitespotted Filefish
– Trumpetfish
– Spotted Burrfish
– Sharptail Eel
– Striped Parrotfish
– Yellowtail snapper
– Ocean Triggerfish
– Ocean Surgeonfish
– Bar Jack

The footage in the video was shot at Cas Abou, Klein Curacao and Playa Piskado during 4 snorkeling sessions.