Brand Strategy Session

Brand Strategy Session

Are you looking for focus in your brand communication, determine company culture, and know exactly who to target with your advertising campaigns? We offer sessions in English and Dutch for ambitious small to medium-sized businesses and specialize in the Hospitality, Tourism & Real Estate industry.

Why invest in a Brand Strategy Session?

Take the time to sit down with key players in your organization to:

  • Create internal consensus about the direction of your brand
  • Set the basis for consistent brand communication
  • Shape your company culture
  • Know who you are talking to (ideal clients)
  • Set brand guidelines for (graphic) designers and content creators
  • Increase success long-term branding


This is the first company where we really think about branding at an early stage. Doing this immediately tells us a lot about the future. I’m impressed. The mission and vision provide a solid destination. We now also have tools for how to get there. Our core values are clear and well-described.

I did not expect that it would go so smoothly via video conferencing and that you would sense so well what we are all about. Well done!

– Errol Gevers, owner Nondejeu, Tilburg, NL

How does it work?

Depending on the size of the company, we get 3-10 people together in a (virtual) room. The participants usually include the company owner(s), long-time employees, and important stakeholders like marketing and sales managers.

Total time
A couple of days before the session, the participants get homework. These assignments will be done individually and generally take about 2 hours. The main session typically takes at least a full workday, which can be spread out over 2 days. Depending on the company and the needs, there will be another session of 4-8 hours.

The session itself
During these sessions, there will be a lot of brainstorming and discussions. We function as the chairman and make sure everybody gets their say, and keep the pace. Phones are off, energy is high! We use whiteboards and loads of post-its to cluster ideas.

Doing the session online? No problem! We can work with video conferencing software like Microsoft Teams and we have digital whiteboard software.

After the sessions, we will take all the information, research, decisions, findings, etc, and combine them into a Brand Strategy Document (in the form of a Powerpoint deck). You can use this document for your brand guidelines, internal house rules, and review it and even change it whenever you want.

Subjects covered
Your Brand Strategy Sessions will be customized depending on your needs and can cover the 4 following subjects.

1. Establish or revise Mission & Vision


  • Gain clarity and consistently make decisions in line with your ultimate goals
  • Helps to develop a stronger brand that differentiates yourself from the competition


Your reason for being and how you do it. It’s the present leading to the future. A short summary of your organization’s core purpose. What your organization does and your key objectives.


Where you aim to bein the future. A short description of the aspirations and impact. It’s a guiding beacon that determines the intended direction.

2. Identify Core Values for the company culture

The fundamental beliefs of your organization. Determine the values that are most important to your organization and describe them in a way that is clear for everybody involved.


  • Reflects what you value as an organization. It dictates behavior
  • Supports the vision
  • Shapes the culture
  • Educates clients on what you are about

Remote Brand Strategy Session3. Target group exploration: ideal client & customer personas

Describe your ideal clients and get to know them on a deeper level.


  • Target the people that you know will grow your business
  • Know who you are talking to and what’s important to them
  • Identify and prioritize changes in the services and/ or products you offer

4. Define the brand’s Tone of Voice

The personality and emotion that is present in all your company’s communications. From the words and language you use, to the personality and image your marketing efforts aim to invoke.


  • Have a strong personality
  • Develop brand recognition through consistency and repetition