The Weather in Curacao: When is the Best Time to Visit?

I have lived on Curacao for over 10 years and I followed the weather daily. You have to when you are into water sports, but also just to know when you have to water the plants in your garden. Most people think it is always the same weather on Curacao (sunny, good breeze and little rainfall) and that it doesn’t have the seasons you are used to at home. Well, they are mostly right, the weather is often really great on Curacao, but we actually do have some big differences throughout the year.

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Staying in Bandabou (West) during Your Curacao Vacation

I get a lot of emails from readers or people who stumble upon my website and like to know more about Curacao. Why should they visit? What should they do? Do I have any recommendation as to where to stay? As I called this island my home for 10 years, I could be the best person to ask. In this article, I will talk about the Western side of Curacao, which is a geared towards the nature lover. Read more

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Top 12 Things to Do in Curacao

Curacao prides itself on being different than any other Caribbean island because of its cultural, historic diversity mixed with beach, sun, and sand. I agree. You do not serve Curacao any justice if you just stay on your beach chair and don’t take the time to explore the island. Read more

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