Freelance Marketing Services – Algarve, Portugal

Freelance Marketing Portugal Algarve

Capture the Essence of Your Brand.


To jump-start (new) memories of those special moments when people feel truly happy and excited about what’s coming next. Those triggers allow them to form deep connections with certain places, people, and brands.

“Advertising is based on one thing: happiness. And you know what happiness is? Happiness is the smell of a new car. It’s freedom from fear. It’s a billboard on the side of the road that screams reassurance that whatever you are doing is okay. You are okay.” – Don Draper, Mad Men.


Helping brands connect with their customers through informative, entertaining, educational, and inspiring content that is in line with their Brand Strategy. It sparks initial and renewed interest and builds brand loyalty and advocacy.

I provide a 360 approach to digital marketing content: strategize, produce, edit, publish, promote.

Main services

  1. Brand strategy: determine the reason for being (vision and mission) and translating it into a communication plan (including social media strategy)
  2. Content creation: producing video, copywriting, and photography that companies can (re)use every day for multiple marketing purposes
  3. Content management: editing and publishing of video, text, and photo on all possible channels (such as website, social media) plus online promotion (paid Google ads, organic search, social boosts)
  4. Channel growth: increase website traffic, grow social following, website redesign strategy

What challenges do I solve for you?

  • When you are not sure what and how to communicate, in the best way possible
  • When you don’t have time to publish regularly on social media
  • When you are not happy with the quality of your pictures as they don’t represent your brand
  • When you work with photographers that don’t really understand what your company is about
  • When you want to inform potential clients about your products but you are not sure how
  • When you have a website and facebook but not sure if it is reaching its full potential

What kind of companies do I help best?

Travel & Tourism related companies that target international clients.

  • Tourist attractions
  • Golf courses
  • Hotels
  • Real Estate agencies
  • Car rental companies
  • Restaurants

Why should you hire me?

Sebastiaan Opschoor

This is me, Sebastiaan Opschoor. Feel free to check my LinkedIN.


  • Creating and publishing online content for over 15 years on numerous (owned) websites
  • 6 Years Online Marketing Consultancy for numerous clients
  • 3 years Marketing Manager in various fields: tourism, real estate, and FMCG

Hand-on Creativity

I create the ideas, but can also execute them in-house. I am a skilled and experienced:

  • Videographer
  • Photographer
  • Copywriter
  • And have the ability to work with most relevant software such as WordPress, Google Analytics, Adwords, Photoshop, Lightroom (photo editing) and Premiere Pro (video editing)

Business savvy

  • Work with the budget you can live with
  • Worked on both sides: knows what’s at stake

International mindset

  • Lived and worked in several countries (Curaçao, British Virgin Islands, Netherlands, Portugal)
  • Multilingual: Fluent Dutch and English, solid base of Spanish, Portuguese, German
  • Experienced traveler: understands different cultures, knows tourist needs