Practical Online Marketing Tips

online marketing tips

Practical Online Marketing tips that I often give clients that help you save time and money. You might know them already. In that case, kudos for you!

Tips for Google Tools

Google Analytics app

Download the mobile app (free) with easy insights into your website traffic. Create a dashboard and check daily for about 10 seconds.

Google Ads

Stay in control of when your ad shows and use EXACT MATCH for your keywords. Put them between brackets like this: [KEYWORD].

Google My Business

Quickly became the most important online tool for your business. Especially, if you value your online reviews. Log in and claim your CUSTOM URL, like Great to share with clients. For a review quick link, add ‘review’ to the link:

YouTube Video Ads

Do you know these ads running before and during a video on YouTube? That can be YOUR video. Advertising costs are relatively cheap and it supports your ROI in your video. You have to set up as a Video Campaign within the Google Ads tool.

Social Media Marketing Tips


Grow Facebook followers

It’s not about how many followers you have, but how many RELEVANT followers you have. What better way to grow them with people that already interacted with your content. Once people Liked your post, you can invite them to follow your page. Super easy, free, and highly effective. Bonus tip: if you’ve never done this, go back to all your old posts, click on the Likes and invite your heart out!

Facebook boost strategy

Only post something if you think it’s worthy of boosting. And then boost it! Boost with purpose, such as among followers (for branding, customer retention), people in your local area (find new followers, local pride), or wider criteria with specific locations and interests (peak interest, find new followers)

Facebook Creator Studio (free)

Schedule all your Facebook AND Instagram posts from one location! Game changer.

Blogging Tips

Blogging ideas from your FAQ

Go to the person(s) in your organization that deals with client questions. Ask them to write down 5-10 frequently asked questions. All of a sudden, you have:
– Titles for blog articles (and voice-search-proof)
– A (refreshed) list for the FAQ page on your website (that you can link internally to your blog articles)
– A ton of ideas for social media posts (because your followers are your clients and have these same exact questions!)

Blogging ideas via Google Search Console

Go to your Google Search Console and click Performance. Go through the Query list and find the ones that generate a good number of impressions, but that you don’t have a specific article for. Write an article around that topic and a chance to dominate that key phrase!