Staying in Bandabou (West) during Your Curacao Vacation

I get a lot of emails from readers or people who stumble upon my website and like to know more about Curacao. Why should they visit? What should they do? Do I have any recommendation as to where to stay? As I called this island my home for 10 years, I could be the best person to ask. In this article, I will talk about the Western side of Curacao, which is a geared towards the nature lover. Read more

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Discovering Bogota: Playing Tejo, Cycling Tours & Museums

“What do you think about a long weekend Bogota,” Sebastiaan asked. I never thought of it actually, so I searched the internet and to be honest, I had some mixed feelings. The pictures looked alluring and there was enough to see and do and spend a full 4 days in this vibrant city. But I read a lot of contradicting stories about safety. Read more

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Dominican Republic

The Best Beaches & Activities in Samana, Dominican Republic

My search for the perfect beach led me to the Dominican Republic. Samana is a dramatically beautiful peninsula about a 3-hour drive North-East of the airport in Santo Domingo. It is like an island unto itself filled with thousands of coconut trees stretching into the sea. I was told it’s the place with the second highest density of palm-trees, in the world! Read more

Caribbean Lifestyle

Travel Tips and Secrets for the Caribbean Islands

After I wrote this article and I was proofreading it, I noticed that a lot of these tips highlight a negative aspect of the Caribbean. Let me start by saying that the positives of a vacation to the Caribbean outweigh the negatives by a thousand times. These Caribbean travel tips are just to help you be prepared and have an even better vacation. Read more

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St. Maarten

Best Ways to Enjoy Sint Maarten

Most tourists just see a glimpse of this spectacular Caribbean island by cruise. If you spend a long weekend on Sint Maarten, you understand there is so much more to see and do. We are regular visitors and every time we explore and learn more and more of this dual-nation island. Let us show you he best ways to enjoy Sint Maarten.
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Spanish Wine Tasting in Barcelona

I won’t tell you about all the activities you should do when in Barcelona, but just one which I enjoyed very much. After hours of hop-on-hop-off buses, miles, and miles of strolling through the cobblestone streets of Barcelona, it’s good to sit down and indulge the finer things of Spanish life by digging deeper into its magnificent culture. It’s time for tasting Spanish wines in Barcelona. Read more

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Support the Animals in the Belize Zoo

Most zoos put animal in maximum secured, way too small, cages, locked up for our enjoyment. Honestly, I think that is wrong and therefore I never go to a zoo anymore. The animals in the Belize Zoo live a similar life, but so different in almost every way.
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