The Value of Online Video Marketing

Video Marketing Portugal

Wouldn’t you just love to have a beautiful promo video for your company, but you are not sure how to justify spending the money on it? Creating a video is a relatively large investment compared to your other marketing efforts. That’s why it’s so important to understand the true value of online video marketing and how you can take the reach of your video much further than posting it just once on social media and hope you get a lot of views.

A video used for online video marketing purposes should be considered a long-term investment, which significantly improves your content, and generates traffic and views for years to come. We created this article to help you understand the process behind producing a video, but also provide tips on how to get a lot more value out of your online video marketing.

If you already decided you need video and you saved up a budget, be sure to contact me and let’s make a great video together!

Why is video such a powerful tool for your brand?

  • Shows authenticity, personality, and builds trust: people like buying from people
  • More information in less time: compared to text and photo, a video is a compact and diverse way to visually communicate your message
  • Boost sales: people are used to watch a video and prefer it over text. Video helps them make buying decisions
  • Stand out from your competitors: video is popular but it’s still early enough to make a difference
  • Google loves video: Google puts videos in their search engine results pages and you are more likely to rank higher with a video embedded in your website. Also, Youtube is the second largest search engine globally
  • People watch more video on their mobile: the audience keeps getting bigger and bigger
  • Video advertisements stand out: think Youtube bumper ads and social media boost

It used to be that promo videos were only for the lucky few that were able to hire a big camera crew and spend loads of money on TV ads. The developments in video cameras make professional looking video more affordable while online video platforms make it a breeze to publish material and advertise with relatively lower costs. This creates new marketing opportunities, especially for smaller sized companies.

This video took multiple days to shoot, but the most time was spent in planning and preproduction, making sure the story, the locations and the surrounding settings were perfect. Working with a limited budget, the production value increased significantly through passion and dedication and shooting on a high-quality camera.

How video helps your online marketing

  • Enriches well-performing pages on your website (especially the homepage and top blog posts)
  • Gives you an extra chance to dominate the Google search results with a video listing
  • Get found via Youtube searches, but also via ‘suggested videos’
  • Serves as content you can (re)post on your social media channels

As social media is so popular, online success is often measured by the success of a post on Facebook. But, that social media post has a short lifespan, often shorter than 24 hours (!). Don’t get me wrong, social media is a great way to get reach for your video. But, the long-term value comes from your website and through search engines.

Repurpose your video to get more value

  • Cut your video into different, shorter versions
  • Grab movie stills you can use as photos
  • Think offline by showing the video on actual TV screens/ monitors
  • The video transcript can be the basis of a blog: write down what you said in the video

Let’s say you made a brand video for your hotel showing different elements of your products and/ or services. You show that video on your homepage. Then, see how you can create separate, shorter edits. So, let’s say, as a hotel, you have one 15 second video showing the pool area, 1 video showing the rooms, 1 the beach area, and so on. If necessary, you can fit the format to the different social channels like horizontal and vertical video, various lengths, etc.

This video was shot on 3 different days as it involved different activities. We shot on the fly, without a script. After finishing the editing of the promo video, we created 3 separate short edits to use on social media.

Then, you can even take a couple of still shots (photos) from the video, which you use to post on Facebook, but also to spice up the photos on your website. Know that HD 1920 x 1080 video gives you a good enough quality photo for social media. But for a lot better results, it’s better to shoot the video in 4K resolution

Does your company attend trade-shows, do you have a lobby or store? These are perfect places to showcase your video and reach a large number of viewers you might not be able to reach online.

What types of video work really well online?

  • General brand videos: showing what your brand is about is 1-3 minutes
  • Brand stories: short documentaries that focus on, for example, personnel, interesting clients, products, etc.
  • How to’s/ explainer videos: explain your product or service clearly and show how it works
  • Videos of subjects related to your business that people recognize and relate to, emotionally

In marketing, a big buzzword is “storytelling”. Yes, storytelling is the fundamental of a good video, but not always necessary, or even possible. It depends on the type of information somebody is looking for. However, your video has to start with a purpose. What are you going to use the video for, where, who is likely to see it, and is there some type of action you need to get out of it. It has to make sense when you put in time and money.

Note: not all videos have to be short. Yes, the attention span is shorter, but if people truly seek in-depth information, people definitely take the time to watch a longer video. And, it’s up to you to keep their attention.

This video is perceived as ‘long’ for online purposes, but because of the informative nature, the average watch time is really high. This video took about a week to make, as it involved multiple days of shooting and working with sound.

Why invest in a quality video?

  • Impress and stand out
  • Tell the story you want to tell
  • Increase shareability: a video has to be entertaining, informative, and/ or inspirational
  • Communicate in the brand voice and represent brand values

You can create a great video with a phone, but only if you know what you are doing. In the end, you are communicating with your customer and you always want to be true to your brand. If you are a 5-star hotel, don’t ask the intern to make a vlog on their phone. But if you are a hostel, it might be the perfect fit. In both cases, the personality of the talent and what they have to say determines a huge part of the success. And, this takes brainstorming, planning, and execution.

Be memorable, stay memorable.

Why is video relatively expensive?

  • Material: although equipment does become cheaper, you still need different lenses, stabilizers (gimbal), lighting, filters, editing software, etc.
  • Preproduction and scripting is half the work
  • After the shoot, all the materials need to be uploading to a computer, organized, and backed-up (twice)
  • Editing a video takes knowledge of software, skills, and a lot of time. For every day of shooting, calculate at least a day of editing
  • Choosing music is difficult and time-consuming, but extremely important as it sets mood and pace
  • And finally: rendering the video into usable files from the editing software

Often times, the actual shooting of the video is around 30% of the whole process. The more time is spent in the pre-production, the smoother the shooting day goes, the more time you have to concentrate on finding the best shots, and the happier you are with the end result.

Budgeting tips

  • Dedicate a part your marketing budget to video
  • Set realistic expectations: if the budget only allows for a 1-day shoot with one camera and no crew, don’t expect a world-class video production
  • Determine what the value is of the video for your company, then see how far it takes you

Communication with the video production company is key. Talk about the idea you have for the video and get an estimate. If the estimate is within range of where you are comfortable, you can discuss adding or removing elements to get to a desired price arrangement. This usually has a direct impact on the production value. Think of things like professional lighting, sound recording, models, make-up, additional cameras, number of shooting days, music, etc.

The goal of this video is to generate traffic on a specific keyword. It took a full day including scripting, video shoot, and editing. Even though the budget was low, the video was a huge success on social media because of its authenticity and keeps generating thousands of Youtube views.

Final thoughts

I think we can all agree that online video marketing, especially through brand videos, can be an enormous asset to your marketing. The relatively high costs should not scare you away, because when you back it up with good distribution in the right places, you will definitely earn your investment back. But, a video can only be successful if you are committed and excited to make it great within your available budget.

A video is something to be proud of as a brand, a showcase of all you stand for and the passion and love you put in to get happy and satisfied customers.