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10 Reasons to Move to Curacao

10 reasons to move to Curacao

Sebastiaan and I moved to Curacao in 2007 without ever visiting. We sold all our stuff and thought we could always go back if it didn’t turn out the way we hoped. We spent a total of 10 years and we can recommend it anyone who is doubting about Curacao. Let me tell you the top reasons to move to Curacao.


1. Enjoy the endless summer

I love the summertime. And I do think I have never met anybody who preferred the winter and rain over sun and beach. Spending my days outside in nature or swim in the ocean and lay on the beach. Born and raised in the Netherlands we would go elsewhere to secure some sunshine and beach days.
Unlike any European destination, Curacao has a year-round tropical climate. It is always sunny and warm. The temperature is consistent and it never is extremely hot or cold. The Trade Winds are a natural air conditioner and make it such a pleasant place.
One other benefit I love: I never have to check the weather about what to wear.

2. Every weekend is a mini vacation

Ask anyone on the island: the weekends are the best! Every other weekend feels like you are on a 2 day holiday. Friday is my happy day, and I am certain it is for most of the people on the island. We gather at one of the Happy Hours and celebrate the start of the weekend. Most of the weekends are spend outside; at the beach BBQ-ing with your friends, diving into the beautiful underwater world, cruising down to Westpunt or a boat ride on the clear blue waters. The very same things the tourist do, but then without any hustle of arranging a tour. It is pretty easy to forget your stressful work week. Weekends in Curacao are the best way to regenerate and relax to start the next week.

Weekends in Curacao

3. Have the best of both worlds

Curacao is a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. You notice the Dutch influences everywhere. For the Dutchies like me, you do not have to miss your most favorite Dutch snacks. All your guilty pleasures like the Friettent (snack bar) are here. I love the Dutch Supermarket the “Albert Heijn’! I never have to miss a ‘broodje hagelslag’ or the yummy ‘stroopwafels’. Even ‘herring’, ‘oliebollen’ or ‘rookworst’ is a normal treat here.
We have a lot of US brands as well so no worries if you can’t make any sense of our strange habits. It is not necessary to leave the island to get any of your favorite things.

4. You can be anything you want to be

Curacao has developed a lot over the years that I have been here. However the island is progressing, there still is a shortage of educated employees. Most of the students go abroad to complete their study and they usually do not come back. We call this the brain drain. This creates opportunities for foreigners like myself.
If you set your mind to what you want to achieve, and you are willing to work hard (yes work hard) you could be everything you want to. The island is small and because of you effort you will get noticed sooner and you can reach the top in less amount of time.

Curacao Nature

5. What sounds better: Tropical villa or City Apartment?

So, island life is not for everybody. If you are reading this, and you love city life I am quite sure you do not like to trade in your small downtown apartment.

For all the others I think the tropical villa sounds more appealing. Sebastiaan and I lived with neighbors above and next to us. We could hear them vacuum the house and hear any of their arguments. It was a great experience to live near the city center but it can’t beat my tropical villa here. I own my own little piece of paradise just 2 minutes from the beach. I have lots of space and a big garden and a swimming pool on the resort. Most people would pay to go on a holiday like I am living right now. What do you prefer?


6. Live where others vacation

The first 3 years on this island I didn’t feel it was necessary to go on a vacation. I was still figuring out my new home and exploring the island. It will take more time than just the regular 2-week vacation if you wish to do everything Curacao has to offer. After 9 years I am still discovering new places, beaches, and activities.
I used to hate it when my vacation had come to an end I had to get back home to the rain, cold and work. Blehhh. Since I live on Curacao I do not mind at all. It doesn’t even matter if the weather on my holiday wasn’t great.

Go to the beach in Curacao in the weekends

7. The healthcare is pretty good

I can imagine it is hard making the move if you are doubting the healthcare system. Where I am from, the Netherlands has a pretty great health system. However, in my case, they couldn’t find the reason why I felt so sick. The specialist and doctors here in Curacao seemed more involved in getting to the bottom of it. And they helped me and set a diagnose. Of course, my great experience is not like others.

The hospital here is old but they are building a completely new one which meets all the standards you are used to. Nurses, doctors, specialist are nice and so invested in taking care of you. Take it from me, do not make this an issue as it isn’t bad at all here.

Another benefit of Curacao is that your health expenses in most cases are paid for. It depending on your income.

8. Curacao is the Ibiza of the Caribbean

Are you afraid you will miss out on great artists or concerts? Curacao hosts one of the biggest festivals in the Caribbean. The Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival has the biggest names in the world performing on their stage. It attracts thousands of tourist from all over the Caribbean, Europe, and the US.
If you are more into EDM; the greatest DJ in the world like Hardwell, Afrojack, DJ Chuckie are regular guests of our island. They perform on the many other festivals, like Su’ legria and Amnesia. If you like to party this is the place to be.
The perfect bonus is that all festivals are outdoors!

Happy Hour Curacao

9. Curacao has a lot of culture and activities

Interested in art and culture? Curacao won’t disappoint. Visit one of the many landmarks, museums, forts, galleries, country houses and other historical sites. You can learn more about our rich history.

Move to Curacao for business

Curacao hosts a lot of activities:

  • for the film-lovers: the annual Curacao International Film Festival;
  • for the theatre-lovers: we occasionally have comedians from abroad and local (dance) productions;
  • for the sports-lovers: there are a lot of competitions to see.

For the athletes: name a sport and we have it. Doesn’t it sound fun to do a workout on the beach during a game of beach tennis? Or go for any watersport like windsurfing or paddle boarding in the warm clear water.

10. You will make a lot of new friends

The hardest part of moving away from home is to leave all your friends and family behind. To start over seems hard. However making new friends is not the hard part. You will notice you see the same faces at the Happy Hours. You will get to know a lot of people fast and you will easily make new friends.

And when your hometown friends or family are coming over for a holiday you will have an amazing time together. How often do you go on a holiday with your friends or family? In my opinion, you have more quality time and make new unforgettable memories together.


10 Reasons to move to Curacao