Baleal Island Peniche

Even though Baleal connects to the mainland of Portugal by a small stretch of sand, it is still an island. The second you step onto it, the whole vibe changes. Having been an island dweller for over 10 years, it feels right at home. Read more

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The Weather in Curacao: When is the Best Time to Visit?

I have lived on Curacao for over 10 years and I followed the weather daily. You have to when you are into water sports, but also just to know when you have to water the plants in your garden. Most people think it is always the same weather on Curacao (sunny, good breeze and little rainfall) and that it doesn’t have the seasons you are used to at home. Well, they are mostly right, the weather is often really great on Curacao, but we actually do have some big differences throughout the year.

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Surf Trip to Northern Peru: Wave Perfection in the Desert

Ever since my teens, I have been dreaming of surfing the most exotic and iconic surf spots in the world. Finally, I have the time and means to do so. Peru isn’t exactly exotic, but it is one of the most iconic and historic surf destinations. Mainly, because Peru has one of the top 10 waves in the world: Chicama. Read more

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United States

New Orleans Tales: Cocktails ’n Jazz in a Spirited City

I heard a saying that the United States has 3 cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. The rest… is Cleveland. I surely haven’t been to all US major cities and there are some high on my bucket list, but so far, I must agree. There is something special about these cities. It might be the architecture, or the people, the international allure, the European-like vibes, but most likely a combination/ culmination of all of these. Read more

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